Friday, August 23, 2013

650cc twin, leaning sidecar make this Bullet special

Leaning sidecar and parallel twin motor make this Bullet special.
Gerry from Washington State was so impatient for Royal Enfield to offer a modern parallel twin that he built his own. I wrote about his Royal Enfield Bullet powered by a Yamaha 650 twin in 2011.

"This thing buries the speedo needle with ease and accelerates like a GSXR 750 and shoots right over the Rocky Mountains like a cannonball," he told me. At the time, he predicted that he would keep "messing" with his creation.

Something tells you this will be a wild ride.
And he has done exactly that, adding an articulated sidecar. The whole unusual rig is now for sale on CraigsList in Renton, Wash. (Unfortunately, the ad has expired.)

Powerful Japanese twin powers this Royal Enfield Bullet.
According to the ad it's a "2001 Royal Enfield Bullet totally customized with '77 Yamaha XS650 motor and drive train. Totally custom bike and experimental (read, not for road use) fully articulating sidecar."

Sidecar is "experimental."
Asking price is $9,000.

The ad includes a link to a video showing the motorcycle and sidecar in action on curves.

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