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Royal Enfield Superstar was top of the line model

It's a Royal Enfield Bullet. But look closer.
A CraigsList ad for an unusual looking Royal Enfield caught the eye of Brian, of Long Island. The ad didn't tell him very much about the motorcycle:

"Selling a 1989 Royal Enfield," the seller wrote. "Don't know much about it. In good shape. Run last summer. Sold with title but title has bike's year listed as 1959."

Gaiters, instrument pod, "Enfield" tank badge.
The pictures showed a Royal Enfield Bullet, but with unusual fork gaiters and separate instrument pods instead of the typical casquette. Brian emailed me to ask what I could tell him about this Royal Enfield.

I think the Royal Enfield in the ad is a Superstar, a 350cc model briefly produced for the Indian market and never officially exported to the United States.

Bullet Superstar brochure.
It was a motorcycle of the 1980s. One source lists the Superstar for 1988, '89 and '90. It was considered a top model, above the Deluxe.

Enfields were not officially imported into the U.S. in modern times until 1995. Thus this motorcycle has to be a private import. Its date of manufacture may have been given as 1959 to dodge import or registration regulations.

Instrument pod is attractive, has the light switch at center.
I don't know what it would be like to register it now, or how available parts might be. On the other hand, it's a pretty motorcycle and the buyer is guaranteed never to see another like it in town, even at a gathering of other Royal Enfields.

Ignition switch is in the right-hand toolbox.
Oddly, I may have written about this very motorcycle once before, when the would-be seller wrote to ask about it.

Unusual look for a Bullet; lots of chrome.
Any Superstar owners out there want to fill us in on details? Leave a comment below.


  1. Classy! I like it! Nice color,too...

  2. I have one :) ..never seen an other on in live in last 28 years..

  3. i do have one, and a brochure. its in the netherlands though.

  4. I have a 1985 Superstar in India. I was told these were strictly made for Export only and the previous owner told me he was able to register on in India

  5. i have a 94 and its the onley one ive ever seen on my island its in mint shape and has only done 2000 k since new

  6. I need to buy its original indicators. Lucas long/short stem. available in India?


  7. In the UK here, I've just bought a '98 Superstar, engine & frame numbers state it's a '92 though, so it probably sat in a warehouse for a while (I'll be changing the custom seat :-)

    Hitchcocks have a parts page for it showing the differences in the forks and instruments from the standard 350 :-

  8. I have a 1988 350 superstar and parts are available std 350 parts onley difference is instrument cluster

  9. I got one 1983 in Hospet Karnataka India classy bike great Stability. Good performance on power superstar acts sporty on offroads

    1. I am trying to restore a bullet super star 1984 in Kolkata, India. Need multiple reference pics and instrument cluster. Can anyone help pls.

    2. Hi Prabal,

      I've a selection of pictures on my blog, here :-

      Hope they're of some use :-)



    3. Dear friend from Kolkata, You may note that the instrument cluster of Superstar is same as that of "Mini bullet"aka Enfield 200[200cc two-stroke] produced by Enfield India the late 80s.not only cluster, but the Head lamp assembly, steering triple clamp [top bridge], headlamp mounting bracket, instrument pod bracket etc are all a direct lift from 200. You can access an abondoned 200 and think of a swap as I have done.

  10. I have superstar model 1991 in delhi.
    Very good bike.
    Using it occasionally.

  11. Hi frnd
    Any one plz tell me the cost of superstar 86 model . It's in working condition

    1. U are lucky if u are getting Suerstar.
      Buy it at any cost.

    2. If u want to purchase superstar bike than cont. Me.i have this in working condition In jaipur. Cont..9351608105

  12. I bought it (Royal Enfield Superstar) in delhi (India) on 10th July 1991 in INR 36500.

  13. I have superstar in good condition.. if any want to purchase cont. Me.on 9351608105

  14. The bike is not a 1959 make but made sometime in 1989 or 1990 because at the time when I brought my first Royal Enfield, a black standard model in April 1991, Royal Enfield or rather Enfield India as it was known then, had three models, Standard, Deluxe and Superstar, Superstar was the most pricy of the three and had a small waiting period. My Standard cost me Rs 29900 then if my memory is right, the Superstar was costlier by Rs 3000to Rs 4000 more than the Standard.


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