Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Royal Enfield catalog helps identify motor, model

The NField Gear catalog provides a spotter's guide to Royal Enfields.
The "Fitment Guide" on Page 132 of the 2013 NField Gear catalog provides the best shorthand identification chart I've seen to made-in-India Royal Enfield Bullets imported into the U.S.

The guide is meant to help customers determine what parts will fit their Royal Enfield. But it also serves, in effect, as a spotter's guide to models. Photos of engine and transmission types are on Page 134 of the catalog.

From the "oldest" (not that old: modern U.S. imports commenced in 1995) to the newest, here's how the guide breaks them down:

Bullet, kickstart only, 4-speed: Original Bullet frame with iron-barrel motor, carburetted engine, 4-speed transmission and kick start only.

Bullet, electric start, 4-speed: As above but with electric start added.

Bullet, electric start, 5-speed: As above but with 5-speed transmission (said to currently be the most common model seen).*

Bullet Sixty-5: Rare. As above, with iron barrel, electric start and 5-speed transmission but "sixties" look and colors.*

Electra: Different frame than Bullet, with Lean Burn (AVL) motor.

Bullet Lean Burn (AVL): As above but with original Bullet frame and body work!

G5: Electra frame and body work with new Unit Constructed Engine (UCE). This motor comes with fuel injection and electric start.

C5: Totally new frame with UCE motor.

C5 Special: As above but with 19-inch front wheel.

B5: UCE engine fitted into classic Bullet frame and (350) body work.

* It seems to me that the Bullet Sixty-5 was the first to the U.S. with the five-speed transmission.


  1. Anonymous6/26/2013

    Small correction. The Bullet Sixty-5 was indeed an iron barreled bullet but came in the standard frame. The bodywork was lightly modified i.e fork gaiters and no pin striping. It had an E start and 5 speed gear box.
    Incidentally, the 5 speed iron barrel pictured belongs to yours truly which is what caught my eye.
    Chuck D.

    1. Chuck, thank you for the clarification. I will make the change to the item.


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