Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Trifield is a Royal Enfield with 865cc Triumph twin

The Royal Enfield Bullet looks great a with modern parallel twin motor.
Should Royal Enfield build a twin and, if so, should the new motor be a V-twin or a parallel twin (like the Interceptor)?

Well, ask the man who built one. In this case I don't mean Aniket Vardhan, who combined two Royal Enfield singles to build his V-Twin Musket.

Let's ask John Dawes, a Brit who lives in Spain and whose "Trifield" is featured in Sump Magazine.

It's a Royal Enfield motorcycle with a parallel twin Triumph Speedmaster motor. That's 865cc (60 horsepower!) in a finished and fueled motorcycle that weighs 100 pounds less than the Triumph.

The Speedmaster's unusual 270-degree crank positions its parallel pistons in such a way that they produce a lopping pattern of power pulses akin to those of a V-twin.

"It's a blast to ride," John commented recently on my item asking what kind of twin Royal Enfield should build.

"I say definitely a parallel twin with an offset crank is best; then you can draw on Enfield's history and keep the V-twin guys happy too!" he wrote.

Check out the Sump Magazine article for details on how John performed the neat looking transplant.


  1. Hi, Paul
    That line about the Trifield being !00lbs lighter than the donor Speedmaster really got my attention I can tell you that..Sourcing a modern Tri motor from a wreck is probably quite a task,'tho :-(

    You see I know a guy that's got a Redditch 350 with a very dead motor...

    Speaking of 350's
    Here's a kind of intersesting article (pictures only, unfortunately) about
    an Nepalese Enfield crew in Nepal

    1. Here's a shortened version of the link for that Nepalese photo gallery -- very cool:

  2. Anonymous5/05/2013

    Hi Paul , I had no problem finding the Triumph engine , got it from Pinwall Motorcycles (USA)& it cost me £799 with most of the ancilares. Which was about half whot it would have cost in the UK ! Shipping was free as it came over in the back of a friends 1950s pick up he was importing !!


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