Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Royal Enfield and sidecar help solve Deaths in Paradise

BBC comedy-drama "Death in Paradise" includes a Royal Enfield and sidecar.
A Royal Enfield motorcycle and sidecar outfit are key players in the BBC television series "Death in Paradise." One-quarter drama, three-quarters comedy, the show pits an oh-so-British police detective against crime on a Caribbean isle.

His police force drives a Royal Enfield with Watsonian Squire sidecar the sidecar maker happily notes. (A different motorcycle and sidecar appear in the opening episode, however.)

Conditions on the island (the show is filmed on Guadeloupe) are meant to be backward, perhaps explaining the sidecar outfit.

But nothing really demands much explanation in a detective series that relies on sunny beaches and a pretty girl as eye candy for shivering Brits. The show is such "cliche-ridden nonsense" that The Guardian's critic  demanded to know "how on earth does this get so many viewers?"

"It's no coincidence that both series (American translation: seasons) of 'Death In Paradise' have aired during winter, when sniffling viewers are dreaming of warmer climes. But surely that doesn't mean we'll watch any old rubbish as long as the sun's shining?" the critic asked.

Watsonian Squire sidecar and Royal Enfield in "Death in Paradise."
Oh yeah? The Guardian was immediately on the receiving end of critical comments from readers.

"Above all else, it is very funny — unlike most things on the BBC," writes MetalDad. "If the reviewer has not noticed any of these things, then perhaps he should consider another line of work..?"

Wrote Softarse: "When the rain and wind are lashing at your window and you can't afford the central heating on all day, and you just found out you have eaten a horse would you rather watch angry, shouty Eastenders or a no-brainer, sunshine detective show? mmmm, Horse rump!!"

"Death in Paradise" is available on my local PBS station here in Florida and several episodes are available online. I found it entertaining.

Check out the trailer:


  1. Series one of DIP has a Triumph twin with a LH sidecar. Further comment would be superfluous

  2. Thanks. I've been trying to identify that one.

  3. Anonymous3/30/2024

    I am a Canadian and we love the show. It funny and shows how an English proper English policeman can not let his hair down doing his job. And the come the next d I Humphrey and the savings like the fox the beans and the goose crossing the water . Just a great funny show that is not filled with car chases and volents


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