Saturday, April 6, 2013

Royal Enfield One Ride is Sunday, April 7, 2013

What are you doing reading this? Get out and ride your Royal Enfield.
"Bringing Royal Enfields to Mystified HD Owners" is the theme of a Royal Enfield "One Ride" Sunday, April 7 in New Hope, Pa. Sounds like a worthy goal

The worldwide One Ride event was created by Royal Enfield, India, to get those Bullets (and Interceptors and Flying Feas) out onto the road.

The company created a handy website where you can join a ride or create your own. The top three cities are Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore. Last I looked, just short of 200 rides were planned, with 4,609 riders, to cover more than 400,000 miles!

I see only three rides planned in the United States: the one in Pennsylvania, one in Whitefield, Maine (oops! New Hampshire) and another in Waterloo, Iowa. But a reader from New York City wrote me that "me and couple of boys will be riding between New York City and Woodstock on Sunday."

So, obviously, some Royal Enfield owners are freelancing the event.

I'm no event planner, but I do plan to take my solo Bullet out Sunday, if only to go to church.

According to Royal Enfield, the One Ride philosophy is "there is no format for this ride; no route, no duration, no destination."

So even if you don't sign up in New Hope or Waterloo, let it thump!


  1. Well, I did it. Blasted along the beach in Fort Lauderdale at dawn, then to church and home. How was your ride?

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  3. Anonymous4/07/2013

    Nit-picking, but... Whitefield *New Hampshire*... No rides near me in Maine - no Enfields near me!!!

  4. The weather here is great and we will be setting off for New Hope at 12 from Riverton. I hope other RE riders can join me :)


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