Monday, April 22, 2013

Indian Patrol Car gave meter maid a risky ride

This Indian Patrol Car has an unusual throne like passenger seat.
Equipped with a side seat for a meter maid, a Royal Enfield powered Indian Patrol Car for sale on eBay in Orlando, Fla. is the first of its kind I've seen.

This three-wheeled motorcycle is a survivor from 1959, when Royal Enfield and other British motorcycles were marketed in North America under the Indian brand.

A meter maid could easily chalk tires from here.
Indian had built a "Patrol Car" for police and service station use. When Indian went out of business as a manufacturer its dealers were supplied with a Patrol Car built by Pashley, in England, with the 350cc single-cylinder Royal Enfield motor.

Catalog picture showed the conventional cargo box.
What makes this Orlando Patrol Car so unusual to my eyes is the curious side seat cut into the cargo box at the rear. Other Patrol Cars I've seen in photos don't have the seat.

The seat would be ideal for a riding meter maid who could chalk the tires of cars along the street and return later to write tickets for overtime parking. It would be ideal, too, for collecting coins from parking meters along the street.

Power came from a 350cc Royal Enfield single-cylinder motor.
That said, it doesn't look like a very safe place to sit! I see no sign of even a seat belt.

The seller says this three-wheeler has the three-speeds-and-reverse version of the Albion gearbox, with hand shift, that is typically fitted to these machines.

Hand shift gave three speeds and reverse.

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