Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Royal Enfield Sixty-5 takes on a new vintage look

Snow makes a gorgeous background for this Royal Enfield Sixty-5.
This 2004 Royal Enfield Sixty-5 looks more like a motorcycle from 1945.

That could be the influence of all the old British motorcycles the owner has been around. He also owns a 1966 BSA Royal Star and recently sold a 1951 BSA A-10 Golden Flash he restored himself. He was nice enough to tell me the story.

"I live in the Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. area so have extra time on my hands during the winter months to respond to e-mails!" John wrote.

"I had been crazy for bikes ever since I had my first motorcycle ride, about 1962, on a Indian-badged Royal Enfield. I still remember that ride as though it were yesterday. It seemed to me he said it was a 750cc, but from what I have been able to gather they (Indians) were 700cc. I remember the shape of the engine as well as it having a rear grab rail.

"He did a wheel stand and I was hanging on to that grab rail and looking below my rear end and seeing pavement. The funny thing was I never saw another Royal Enfield 'til I went to a British bike show in the '80s.

"I bought the '66 Royal Star the way you see it. I had a 1970 BSA Thunderbolt that looked as good, and was my 'pet' bike to ride around. I was into British bikes in the '80s and early '90s, and  British bikes came and went. One day someone offered me the right amount and that was that. Been sorry ever since.

John's 1966 BSA Royal Star.
"When I saw this one, I had to have it.

"I bought three bikes as a lot: 1966 BSA Lighting, 1967 Norton Atlas, and the 1951 BSA Golden Flash, all for $600. From the picture of the '51, (you can tell that) none of them were in too good of shape! I restored the '51 A-10. It took about 10 years to come up with all the missing pieces.

Before: 1951 BSA Golden Flash.
After: As restored.
"(The) '66 BSA Royal Star looks just great. All restored to about 95 per cent. The Enfield looks like the BSA but I can expect the Enfield to take me to where I want to go and back!

Before: 2004 Royal Enfield Sixty-5. 
After: With its new vintage look.
"I've changed mine (to look like a '50s machine) but have kept all the original pieces just in case someone would want to change it back. My Enfield is a work in progress, though just about done. I have to paint the front fender and pin stripe it yet, but at minus-10 your hand will stick to the spray gun.

"Also have an unrestored '76 Kawasaki KZ400 that is kind of fun to ride around on. Up here 60 is all you can do and my stable of bikes all do that well.

"Believe me, you can get used to snow living up here. It keeps our motorcycles looking good as we only have three months to ride 'em!"

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  1. This is unusual. The Sixty Five was made to look... more 1960's than the traditional Iron Bullet, that looked more 1950's. He has essentially turned a Sixty Five into a traditional Iron Bullet... To each its own, I guess...


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