Friday, March 1, 2013

Custom color looks vintage on Royal Enfield and sidecar

Here's a custom color on a Royal Enfield motorcycle and sidecar.
Royal Enfield of Fort Worth is at it again creating a custom Royal Enfield and sidecar combination for a customer.

This one was painted to match the customer's Jeep.

The Royal Enfield dealer placed an ad on CraigsList to show off its work.

"Not only did they custom paint the entire motorcycle and sidecar, they also put about every upgrade you can think of on the Enfield," the ad crows. "If you're interested in getting a one-off custom built Royal Enfield sidecar, contact Jeff at Royal Enfield of Fort Worth 214-629-4011."

Black trim gives a vintage look.
It is a striking motorcycle and sidecar combination. But the color caught my eye for another reason. As children, my brother Phil and I decided to repaint our toy pedal car precisely this color, using a leftover jar of paint Dad had in the basement.

Whatever kind of paint it was stuck well — to us and to the pedal car. The car remained that color for the rest of its days with us. I wish I had it today.

Dad had to repaint the basement floor.

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