Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Riding his Royal Enfield is a pain in the ... balls?

"Sandeep," the owner of a new Royal Enfield motorcycle, courageously posted a delicate matter on Royal Enfield India's community forum.

His balls hurt.

"Guys," he wrote, "Got My Classic 500 in December 2012 and did my first major trip (Bangalore to Goa, 650 kilometers one way) to the India bike week in February.

"Balls started to hurt after doing about 450 kilometers. Hasn't happened before on my Yahama RX-135 five-speed and have done five longish trips (between 400 and 500 kilometers one way each time) on it.

"Wondering if it has something to do with the seat/seating position/handle bar position etc. of the Classic 500? Any input  on solutions (replacing seats/modifying handlebar etc.) from guys that have faced this before is highly appreciated.


I admire Sandeep's self-assurance in raising the question but don't have any suggestions for him. This is one aspect of Royal Enfield riding I've never personally experienced.

Accessory balls from
However, his question provides me with a cheap opportunity to raise the issue of Biker Nutz, typically the kind of accessory one would see on a Harley-Davidson.

If you are considering these for your Royal Enfield, first read this cautionary note from John D. on the website of a leading supplier of these tacky accessories:

"OK, here is the deal! As a long time biker myself, I have to tell you, installing our Big Boy Nuts or our Biker Nutz on your ride might not be an easy thing to do. Please insure that hanging these nuts on your bike can be done efficiently and will look nice when done.

"First of all, most motorcycle rear fenders do not have a hole where it would be appropriate to hang these Bike Nutz. In most cases, owners do not want to drill this hole in their fender...

"Please review your installation before placing your order..."

"Sincerely, John D."

Perhaps this is the best advice of all for Sandeep's personal equipment: "Please review your installation."

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