Monday, February 11, 2013

Photos of 2013 British Car Show in Boca Raton, Fla.

British cars and British motorcycles share a spirit.
Anyone who loves Royal Enfield motorcycles would have loved the 20th Annual British Car Show Sunday at Royal Palm Place in Boca Raton, Fla.

It's natural to suggest that there are similarities between the great British cars of the past and that (oddly) British motorcycle of the present, the Royal Enfield.

Many are green, for instance, and all display a soul that is frankly, sometimes romantically, mechanical. And they smell of oil.

A pair of driving gloves cast casually by the gearshift.
What impressed me as I walked around the show was the number of design elements British cars share with British motorcycles.

A fondness for wire wheels, for instance. Open-air seating is another. Mechanical parts are proudly on view. Even when the bonnets are closed, a strategically placed bulge in the hood will suggest what lurks beneath.

MGA roadster could quickly shed even that small windscreen for a bit more speed.
One would think that Britain had founded its empire on the strength of the exterior door hinge alone, so many were proudly on view.

When speaking of "convenience features" in a British sports car, you are apparently speaking almost entirely of the wing nut.

Whimsical door latch on the cut-down door of a British sports car.
Heaters might be optional at extra cost, but the windshield was bound to fold or be removable should you be seized by a sudden urge to go racing. What could be more convenient?

Good show!
This MG  TF packs an aluminum Buick V8 and supercharger.
1937 BSA Scout front-drive sports car.  Wooden box at right housed passengers' legs.
Jaguar XKE trunk was tiny and impractical. Who cares?

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