Monday, February 4, 2013

New video of Royal Enfield V-twin, The Musket 998

The smile on his face tells you how well his Royal Enfield V-twin runs.
Aniket Vardhan gives us a hint of what it's like to ride his homemade Royal Enfield V-twin in this new short video of The  Musket 998 running through a parking lot.

He writes: "After a long freezing cold stretch, a gift from God — a 60 degree day in late January! Obviously, some noise had to be made! Had to do this quick, after work, before the sun went down. Had no helmet at work, I know, tsk tsk, shame on me, but needed to grab the moment. Did I mention that this thing GOES."

The smile on his face says it all, but turn up the volume anyway.


  1. Amazing! Aniket's work on this over the past few years is inspiring. It sounds and runs great!! So... are we going to see a twin engine that we can swap into our own bikes? Pretty please?

  2. The,joy on your face says it all Anket


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