Monday, January 7, 2013

Royal Enfield CEO keeps it interesting on Twitter

Royal Enfield CEO Dr. Venki Padmanabhan finds time away from introducing new Royal Enfield models to maintain an active life on Twitter. He's well worth following, at @VenkiWithAnI

He sometimes banters about Royal Enfield matters but more typically takes note of items he finds interesting, from "12 New Year's Resolutions for Happier Families" to "4 lessons in leadership from Honest Abe."

Those lessons from Abraham Lincoln are particularly interesting ones for a CEO. Two of the four are "Look for inspiration in unlikely places," and "Connect with people on a personal level." These may be factors in explaining what a busy executive is doing on Twitter.

Reckless Rockers weave through traffic in vintage video.
Dr. Venki recently tweeted a link to this YouTube video, a period newsreel item on Britain's "Ton-Up Boys" of the 1960s. It's a fascinating look at the leather clad youngsters whose interest in fast, agile motorcycles was propelling Britain's motorcycle industry to world leadership.

Behind the faux disapproval of the  voice over is a clear recognition that youth, danger, sex appeal and horsepower are good for business. We see factory workers crating multi-cylinder British bikes for export.

Britain's motorcycle industry provides powerful products to the world.
On its face, the "Look at Life" film short "Behind the Ton-Up Boys" presents another side to the reckless rockers who weave through traffic on powerful motorcycles and often "pose a menace."

They are decent people, the film reveals, proud of their machines, anxious to help others and even attend church (at the famous 59 Club).

Leather clad Rockers are cool, and so are their bikes.
I didn't spot any Royal Enfields among the many great motorcycles, but I am sure they are there.

The video is well worth viewing. Thanks, Dr. Venki, for pointing it out.


  1. Anonymous4/18/2013

    wow , great site ! this is the clip i put up. its from my you tube channel :) glad u like it. Have a look at my facebook group, London Rocker Biker Group , :)david


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