Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Royal Enfield Battle Green sidecar looks battle ready

This Royal Enfield sidecar outfit looks ready for combat.
I recently saluted a very military looking Royal Enfield Desert Storm equipped with a sidecar by Scoots4U in Crystal Lake, Ill.

What I liked about that sidecar combination was its stripped down, army issue look, with a prominent grab handle for the sidecar passenger.

But here's a geared-up Royal Enfield Battle Green motorcycle with Inder sidecar offered on CraigsList by  Royal Enfield of Fort Worth. From the olive drab tool bag on the forks to the painted spokes (even on the sidecar wheel), it looks ready to report for duty.

This thing just looks so butch. Seeing it photographed from a low angle I just can't help thinking "Sherman tank."

Even the fork bag looks army issue.
One touch of genius: the tool bag on the forks is all zippers and straps and pockets and pulls. I recently went camping with an army surplus back pack. I don't know why soldiers need so many compartments, but they've got 'em if they want 'em.

The sidecar is actually surprisingly plush looking, with padded arm rests. The ad says this is "custom upholstery." It looks good and somehow doesn't detract from the overall military look.

No soldier ever had it this good.
This is a custom job. Price is $12,995. Phone number for information is 214-629-4011. 

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  1. Wow, they made quite an investment there! It's cool, but is it worth the price?


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