Friday, November 2, 2012

Replica motorcycle for the man who has everything

This replica motorcycle and biker chick are just the thing for the den.
In the 1950s, Royal Enfield motorcycles were sold in the United States badged as Indian motorcycles. This historical fact means that I'm continually looking at pictures of Indian motorcycles, trying to decide if they are really Royal Enfields beneath the nameplate.

This photo, from a CraigsList ad in Burlington, N.C., appears to show a replica of a genuine Indian motorcycle, not a Royal Enfield.

Note the full spats on the fenders, and the iconic Indian Chief ornament on the front fender. There are the full sweptback Indian handlebars and the cluster of headlamps typical of the Indian brand.

This is not a real motorcycle, of course, and that is not a real bathing beauty perched on the seat.

The seller says the complete thing is 20 inches long and 16 inches to the top of the girl's head. Wheels are rubber and the kickstand works.

Who would have created such a thing, and why? My only guess is that it was featured on a carnival ride.

"I really have no idea about any of it," the seller, Angie, told me. "I bought it at an auction just because I know that Indian motorcycle stuff is highly collectible. I haven't put a lot of effort into selling it yet."

The asking price is only $200.

As it sits, it is just the thing for my den — if I had a den.

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  1. If this was on a carnival ride, where did the kid sit? on the girl's lap????


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