Monday, November 12, 2012

Old motorcycles for sale; can you spot the Flying Flea?

This load of vintage motorcycles includes a rare Royal Enfield.
Can you spot the Royal Enfield Flying Flea amid this hoard of old motorcycles offered for sale on CraigsList  in rural Eubank, Ken.?

What you see here is just a small part of the "70 or so" barn fresh motorcycles rounded up for sale. The seller mentions Honda, Indian, Motobi, Harley-Davidson, Wards Riverside, Sears Allstate, Jawa — and, of course, the Royal Enfield Flying Flea.

I am not sure what model of the little Royal Enfield two-stroke it might be. They all end up being called "Flying Flea," a nickname for the wartime model dropped by parachute during World War II.

Civilian models are more commonly found, perhaps not having been thrown out of airplanes.

To my eye, the key to spotting this Flea are its girder forks and distinctive round toolbox.
Blow-up shows the Flying Flea.

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