Monday, October 15, 2012

Wanted: Parts to restore 1959 Indian Patrol Car

This 1959 Indian Patrol Car is missing key parts.
Appeals on CraigsList for body parts needed to complete the restoration of a 1959 Indian Patrol Car caught my eye. These rare three wheelers are a fascinating part of Royal Enfield history in the United States.

Based on the 350cc Royal Enfield, the utilitarian looking beasts were built by Pashley in Britain and imported to North America for sale as Indians. A hand shift on the tank gave three forward gears and reverse from the modified Albion transmission. A box between the rear wheels provided plenty of cargo room. Indian hoped they would appeal to police departments and service stations.

"Designed for multiple uses."
The story behind this Indian Patrol Car is especially interesting. Art Bulmann of Chicago shared the story, which explains why he needs the sheet metal.

"With the help of a new friend, Rick LeFauve, I was able to purchase a 1959 Indian/Enfield patrol car. This bike had been purchased new in 1959 by Don Kolad, who resided in the Logan Square area of Chicago.

"It was unfortunate that Don had passed away while in the middle of a total restoration of this bike. At a later date, his lady friend, Lynn, had expressed interest in selling the bike, however she believed it would be of greater value to have someone finish the restoration. I'm not too sure exactly what happened and when, but it goes something like this.

"Approximately two years ago a man, believed to be named Fred, offered to take all of the sheet metal, which included the dash, the tank, the front fender, and the rear box, to be painted. Unfortunately, as of today there is no Fred, his whereabouts, or the whereabouts of the parts.

"I have since rebuilt the wheel cylinders, master cylinder, installed brake shoes, and I am in the midst of getting it fired up, by attaching a small temporary tank. After it is running, my plans are to cover it up and park it until I can find the necessary parts. If, in time, that does not happen, I will modify a Chief tank and build a box and dash. I don't think the front fender should be much of a problem.

"Any help would be appreciated. I can be reached at: 708-534-6693 or 708-314-6280 or at

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