Monday, October 8, 2012

This Royal Enfield is proudly 'Made in Trenton'

The motto on this Royal Enfield motorcycle reveals its upstart origin.
UPDATE: Badger is in another race, and you can help. The proposed documentary film is up for "Project of the Week" on Cast your vote here. It's fast and painless (no registration required).

Film makers documenting the racing campaign of a Royal Enfield Bullet dubbed The Badger have released a new "teaser" that captures the appeal of this scrappy motorcycle.

Builder Leon Stanley of Trenton, N.J., is the human face in the teaser, but the real star is the Royal Enfield motorcycle itself. My favorite shot is the proud "Made in Trenton" on the front downtube.

It's obviously a tribute to the out-sized "Made in Britain" decals that appeared on British motorcycles in the 1970s (as the motorcycle industry in Britain died out), and it's even more ironic.

For the benefit of foreign readers, you have to understand that Trenton is the capital of the state of New Jersey. Both the city and state have underdog reputations as fading industrial centers in the shadow of cosmopolitan New York City.

The long-ago demolition of two historic opera houses in Trenton (they were replaced by parking lots) crippled the opportunity to become a cultural center. The mayor of Trenton was arrested in September by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation on corruption charges.

So "Made in Trenton" has the same ring to American ears as "Made in Detroit" has on Chrysler cars. It's a gritty show of gumption in the face of adversity.

Film maker Drue Pennella of Pure Motion Pictures plans a short documentary on Badger's fall racing season. He asks you to contribute to help fund the film through the online "crowdfunding" platform

You can contribute any amount, but for $10 you'll get a link to prescreen the film before it is released to the public.

For $500 you get to ride the Badger. Meanwhile, watch the inspiring new teaser:

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