Monday, October 22, 2012

Custom Royal Enfield tricycle stretches the imagination

You have to admire the imagination that went into this tricycle.
Royal Enfield pedal tricycles are a common sight in for-sale ads in the United States, but here is a customized tricycle that may leave you gasping.

It's for sale on CraigsList in Louisville, Ky. Its owner wants $1,000 for it but it costs nothing to look and appreciate the imagination and handiwork that went into it.

This pedal powered trike is quite a stretch.
The pictures speak for themselves but let me point out a couple things:

The trike began life as a "Royal Enfield Quality Bicycle," one of the many models imported into the U.S. from Asian factories by the G. Joannou Cycle Co. in the 1970s.

Fenders give the rear real substance.
What originally would have been transportation around a senior citizen complex is now a racy looking low rider, with full fenders and a faux springer front end that doesn't spring.

All fenders are deeply valanced.
With no motor, you won't need any gas in the dummy fuel tank.

Badge marks this as a product of Asia, not Great Britain.
Surprisingly, this isn't the only outrageous customizing job we've seen performed on a Royal Enfield tricycle. Remember the rainbow maker?

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