Friday, September 28, 2012

Royal Enfield, motorcycle for the Distinguished Gent

My Royal Enfield and I are all dressed up with no where to go.
UPDATE: For thoughts on what to wear while riding as a Distinguished Gentleman, check the advice from the real Maj. Bunty Golightly, in the comments on this post.

No motorcycle on earth is more appropriate for a distinguished gentleman than a Royal Enfield motorcycle.

"Bunty" is our role model.
So I am aghast that I only recently learned of The Distinguished Gentlemans Ride this Sunday, Sept. 30, everywhere across the planet. (Although no where near me.)

Organizers say it is "A day when cafe racers, bobbers, flat trackers, classics and retros across the globe unite. We ride the world for no reason, being distinguished."

Motorcyclists in communities from Cleveland, Ohio to Singapore have organized local rides. Check the Distinguished Gentlemans Ride website at this link to see what is planned near you.

It's all in good humor, as the ride's Facebook page describes it:

"Good will rise and shine again on the 30th across the globe. As we motorcyclists do, if you see someone, anyone, in distress, assist. Sadly, the general public is less likely to run away from us helping when we are not wearing leather and denim."

Returning to the choice of motorcycle for the ride, the website advises that "Unfortunately this is a specific event for cafe racers and similar styled bikes: retro, vintage, classic, modern classic, flat trackers, brat, street trackers, bobbers and yes we have opened it up to Vespas and Lambrettas."

As for the personal dress code: "think distinguished." The website strongly recommends suits. You shouldn't need your leathers.

"If you can not ride a motorcycle for a few hours without crashing, please do another activity," organizers suggest.

However, note that in the logo, Mr. Distinguished Gentleman wears his helmet.

The project started with the Sydney Cafe Racers (Perth, Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane) and was graciously extended to the world at large.


  1. It's not the crashing I'm worried about it's the weather. For me it will be a 35 mile ride in with the weather damp and 14degC/ 57 F in the UK. Brr!

  2. Anonymous9/28/2012

    Whomsoever made that flyer is NOT a distinguished gentleman and does not understand men's clothes. Formal attire is not what the situation demands. Morning dress with a cutaway coat (or a tailcoat should the ride be an evening affair) is not suitable for riding a motorcycle. Nor is a suit in any way "formal," even in modern parlance. It is strictly "semi-formal."

  3. Anonymous9/28/2012

    Blasco old chap , some of us are already distinguished gentlemen and furthermore a "gentleman" would never ride a ghastly cafe racer - 'deed not !
    As riding a motorcycle is akin to riding a horse - quite so , Bunty has always deferred to traditional wisdom and insists that guests who are invited to hunt with the Blotto Hall pack of Bullet Hounds adhere to long established etiquette - don't yer know.

    Suitable attire would be "ratcatcher" [for informal occasions and summer jaunts] ; flat cap or other tweed cap or brown bowler . Tweed jacket and tan breeches with brown boots [ highly polished ] or brogues . Tatersall shirt with collar and predominantly green or brown patterned tie .

    A more formal occasion would necessitate the wearing of official hunt jacket [ normally scarlet for foxhounds , green for harriers or just black with a suitably coloured collar as an alternative ] Black silk hat [ top hat ] or a bowler , black boots [ highly polished ] with brown tops .White shirt with white stock [ somewhat like a cravat ] white breeches . Tan or white gloves .

    Members of the armed forces would be allowed to wear their number two dress uniform with breeches and boots and service peaked cap , it is not customary to carry a service revolver unless anti hunt saboteurs are expected to be present - haar haaaaaar haaaaaaaaaaaaaar !! Americans please note that automatic weapons are frowned upon as being ungentlemanly , one prefers to give the buggers "a sporting chance " - eh what .

    Inclement weather might necessitate the donning of a trench coat and waders - mmn indeed .

    Dressed in this manner a gentleman would not embarass himself or his host and friends when indulging of social or sporting occasions upon a motorcycle.

    One hopes that this little message will prove of some assistance to those not blessed with an innate sense of sartorial elegance .
    Good Luck to all on the glorious 30th !
    I'll drink to that .
    Bottoms up !
    Your servant
    Maj Bunty Golightly MBH , Defender of the Kickstart , Companion of the Royal Floatchamber .

    1. Translation for Americans: wear a t-shirt with sleeves.

  4. I say Major. Excellent post what what. Very informative & concise, hopefully the masses will get the jist of things and appear appropriately attired.
    Well done old chap,
    Top ho


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