Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Royal Enfield loses tractor pull contest to a pip-squeak

Can this Royal Enfield Bullet pull a heavy weight across a field?
A Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle lost what appears to be a fair test of stump-pulling power in this amusing YouTube video out of India.

Although I can't understand the dialogue, it appears that a group of men needs to pull a heavy pump mounted on tiny steel casters across a sandy field.

They rope a 500cc Royal Enfield Bullet to the heavy machine and give it a go, but even with pushing and tugging, it repeatedly bogs down.

The group then recruits a Bajaj Discover 125 for the job. Roped to the machine, the Bajaj makes quick work of the job.

How is this possible? The Bajaj is a 125cc four-stroke single rated at 11 horsepower. It has a five-speed transmission to the old Enfield's four.

Technique could be at fault. The Bajaj rider quickly gets up to speed, suggesting that the clutch is fully engaged. The Enfield goes so slowly it seems apparent the rider is slipping the clutch, a recipe for failure.

It may be that the Bajaj, with its small capacity motor, has been carefully geared to get the very best effect out of what power it does have when starting off. Top speed is only 100 kmph.

I would never abuse my Royal Enfield Bullet in this fashion, but it is interesting to see what happens when someone else tries.


  1. Anonymous8/27/2012

    Blasco ,you chump, that is a generator not a pump.
    Ye gods !

    Yours etc

  2. I guessed... wrong, I guess.

  3. also.. the match was not fair.. the generator was in a marshy area when the enfield was pulling that too with two people sitting on it.. the bajaj vehicle pulled it on a more dry ground.. so.. this is not a fair match..


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