Wednesday, July 18, 2012

'The Royal Enfield' magazine is available free online

The Royal Enfield magazine.
Issue 2 of the new The Royal Enfield magazine is available now, online, for free. 

It was available only in print ($12.80) or digital download ($1.99) versions when I wrote about the slick, 46-page summer issue.

Now you can read it for free, in a handy flipbook format (click on the link for Issue 2). If you like it, consider buying the digital download version. This inexpensive contribution will help the magazine become self-sustaining.

I have no connection to the magazine, but enjoyed reading it.

There is an interesting test of the Colortune spark plug that allows carburetor fine tuning without the insane ritual of plug chops. Charles Todd shares the story of a long, challenging ride in Australia — he really takes you there and brings you back, and not a breakdown to report.

And Mark Mumford tells how he dragged home a 1955 collection of parts that might someday make a Royal Enfield Bullet.

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