Thursday, July 5, 2012

Royal Enfield Military pictured at home on the prairie

It is hard not to be distracted by the background of this photo of a Royal Enfield for sale.
I love looking at advertisements for Royal Enfield motorcycles for sale. Often the pictures reveal the interesting things owners have done to personalize their motorcycles.

Sometimes the photographs reveal more about the sellers than intended. They take us into pristine workshops and messy storage sheds. Cardboard on the floor reveals the oil leak not mentioned in the ad.

Dorothy of Oz would recognize this as definitely being Kansas.
And then there are the pictures here, which apparently take us onto the seller's property in Kansas, where we meet his dog, check out a collection of pick-up trucks (and a rare military ambulance) and a variety of items that were either discarded or deposited by the last tornado.

I mean no criticism. Many men will envy the lifestyle on display here. I do. The lawn won't need mowing if it never gets watered. Nice dog, too.

A still life worthy of Monet.
If these wonderful photographs had been all there was to the advertisement I would have enjoyed them but not shared them with readers. Here is what tipped the balance: the name of the community where the motorcycle resides:

Garden City.

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