Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pictures of auction featuring Royal Enfield Interceptors

This Royal Enfield looked ready to ride. (JC Baker Photo)
Reader JC Baker was kind enough to share with me photos he shot at the Saturday auction of the contents of Auto Dynamics, a former automotive service center in Medfield, Mass. opened by George M. Collins III.

Collins was a collector and restorer of Royal Enfield motorcycles who died Dec. 31, 2011, leaving behind a reported treasure trove of Royal Enfield Interceptors.

Two Royal Enfield twins paired as one. (JC Baker Photo)
Among JC's photographs are shots of the double motor said to be similar to the twin Royal Enfield Interceptor motors that pushed racer Don Sliger to more than 200 mph at Bonneville in 1970. JC confirmed that the Collins motor is made up of Royal Enfield twins numbered YB16287 and YB16130.

Royal Enfield powered trike with twin-cylinder power. (JC Baker Photo)
Collins had other projects in the works, too, including a Pashley tricycle. Normally this would have had a 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet motor, but here we see a twin-cylinder engine being installed (or removed).

This Royal Enfield twin needs some work. (JC Baker Photo)
Other classic Royal Enfield motorcycles were scattered around the building, in a light industrial area of Medfield.

Other side of the Royal Enfield above. (JC Baker Photo)

This Royal Enfield is almost all there. (JC Baker Photo)
Trailers near the side of the building were storage areas, very neatly shelved with pieces and parts, JC said.

"There was a huge amount of stuff there, in the trailers, hanging off the walls, hanging from the ceiling. A lot of it not tagged," JC said.

One photo he shot of a rack near the ceiling seems to show Royal Enfield motorcycle frames.

Shelf at rear of building seems to hold Royal Enfield frames. (JC Baker Photo)

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