Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ad for Royal Enfield Cycar includes historical photos

Pictured with its original owner, this Royal Enfield is for sale on eBay.
The rare Royal Enfield Model Z Cycar that caused some "head scratching" when it went up for sale recently is back on eBay, illustrated with remarkable photos of the motorcycle with its original owner.

The ad now includes fresh information on this unusual, full bodied Royal Enfield, from Graham Scarth, chairman of the Royal Enfield Owners Club in the UK.

The Cycar is powered by a 148cc two-stroke Royal Enfield motor, with a three-speed hand gearshift. What most distinguishes it, however, is the pressed-steel body, meant to hide all the ghastly, greasy internal parts far from milady's skirts.

Rare Royal Enfield Cycar as it looks today.
Pressed steel leg shields would have protected her from dirt and splash from the roads, but these are missing from this machine.

Only about 1,500 of Cycars were built between 1931 and 1936.

The historical photos of this very motorcycle with its owner are a wonderful addition to the advertisement and worth looking at just for themselves. It is for sale on eBay in Glenmont, N.Y.

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