Sunday, June 3, 2012

This work of art is also a Royal Enfield motorcycle

Alambiccus Garage created the Skinny Lizard.
Many motorcycles are also rolling pieces of art, but here is a work of art that happens also to be a Royal Enfield motorcycle.

It's the creation of Alambiccus Garage Motociclette in Bologna, Italy. Pictures of it are making their way across the Internet, dropping jaws as they go.

Chris Bartlett, of Her Majesty's Thunder pointed it out to me when he spotted it on the Ottonero blog.

The motorcycle's creators seem to refer to it, in English, as the Skinny Lizard. It's an appropriate name, but hard information beyond that is difficult to find. Most bloggers let the pictures do the talking and, really, what more can you say? The motorcycle makes its own, powerful statement.

Find the foot peg, if you can.
Chris pointed out that the handlebars aren't very useful.

"Maybe it's only meant to go straight," he wrote.

The more you look, the more you realize there is — and isn't — to see. This isn't just a bobber in the sense of being stripped of things you don't need. It is stripped of things you would need: such as something more to keep your pants legs out of all those chains.

You have to look hard to find the minimalist foot pegs. The tail is rigid, of course, but so are the front forks!

The precious little muffler must produce a booming sound, which would be almost too bad. I would love to hear just the song those open chains must sing on the highway.

That is assuming I would be brave enough or disrespectful enough of pure artistry to actually ride it.

What a song those chains must sing.

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