Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Rock Store on Mulholland draws motorcyclists

Even on a Saturday morning, the Rock Store is crowded with motorcyclists.
Some of the first Californian motorcyclists to see the new Royal Enfield C5 Bullet were at the Rock Store on Mulholland Highway near Los Angeles.

The Royal Enfield Los Angles dealer  took a Royal Enfield C5 there to show off and reported that it drew attention.

That report drew my attention to the Rock Store,  which sounded pretty special itself. Made of volcanic rock, the building is said to have been a stagecoach stop in the 1910s.

Triumph bobber was the only British motorcycle to be seen when I visited.
Although I grew up in Los Angeles, I'd never been to the Rock Store. A recent visit to my dad, Lefty Blasco, presented the opportunity to address that.

The setting, between Malibu Canyon Road and Kanan Road on Mulholland is stunning. Mulholland is famous for its twists and turns and it was impressive to see riders tackling them just around the bend from the store.

Photographer Victory Jon was at his post there, shooting photos of the brave they can purchase on his website, Highway Photos.

One rider at the Rock Store was leaving nothing to chance, as he had his own camera fixed above his helmet at the end of a two-foot pole. It would have captured his every courageous move as if from a helicopter hovering over his head.

Pulling out a set of tools instantly draws help and advice.
Saturday morning found the parking lot filled edge-to-edge with motorcycles. The bar was open and the patio was filled with men young and old in leathers.

There were few women and no children. The talk was quiet, almost subdued. If there was boasting about who or what motorcycle is fastest, I didn't hear it.

The canyons await while riders check their phones.
This, I thought to myself, must be what it's like to be in the seminary: no girls just silent worship — of the motorcycle, in this case.

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