Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Royal Enfields featured in two winning photos

Two pictures of Royal Enfield motorcycles, including the ultimate winner, were among finalists in the Road Trips photo competition sponsored by the Lonely Planet blog.

All the entries were great adventure travel pictures, and every one featured vehicles, from a Jeep on the Moab trail in Utah to yellow Hindustan Ambassador taxis in Calcutta.

Only two motorcycles were pictured among the finalists, and both were Royal Enfields. The winning photo shows a Royal Enfield on the edge of the Drang-Drung Glacier in the Himalaya Mountains. You can read "Royal Enfield" on the tank. It's almost an advertising shot.

Blow up shows a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle.
The other photo, of a ride in Nepal, doesn't identify the motorcycle, which is shown only in silhouette. But blowing it up (as I've done above) reveals the distinctive right-side muffler, dangling center stand and Mickey Mouse mirrors of the Royal Enfield.

By zooming in on the motorcycle I've destroyed the appeal of the photograph. Be sure to check out the original on Lonely Planet.

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