Friday, May 25, 2012

Royal Enfield Military does battle in New York City

A Royal Enfield Bullet on the street in New York City.
Many a treasured Royal Enfield Bullet spends its days cuddled in a garage, only coming out on weekends to be warmed up, washed and shined. Not so this Battle Green C5 Military, spotted in Manhattan by Mandy Kalajian, daughter of my pal, screenwriter and wit Douglas Kalajian.

Mandy is all grown up now and working in the Big Apple as one of those smart, dynamic marketing executives who make things happen for the brands that employ them. If you feel like a celebrity every time you twist the top off a Perrier, thank her for making you believe it's not just any bottle of H2O.

Mandy is thriving at her exciting job, but the motorcycle she noticed parked next to a ConEd hole in the ground is living a tough life on the street.

It's already missing its right-side rear-view mirror. A padlock secures the contents of its saddlebags.

It's a relatively new motorcycle but a few more summers of street fighting in New York City will add battle scars like badges of honor to its military paint job. Kiss those plastic turn signals goodbye.

I find myself hoping that Mandy finds this motorcycle parked on her street someday a few summers from now, and sends me an updated picture. My guess is that it will look even more heroic as a veteran.

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