Monday, May 28, 2012

Royal Enfield goes for glory in mud track race

Royal Enfield in action on the dirt. FlatTel Photo used with permission.
A street legal Royal Enfield Bullet went racing in the dirt — in the mud, actually — of England May 19. The Dirt Quake event for "inappropriate" motorcycles left behind some uncertainty over who won but, apparently, it is certain that no one lost.

The most coherent account I find on the web is by participant Grant Robinson on the Derestricted Dot Com blog. Here is an excerpt:

“Some of the craziest and most beautiful bikes I’ve ever seen taken 'round a racetrack. Choppers, the Sideburn FT500 and Royal Enfield, Dimitri Coste’s BSA, a Ninja and the CorpsesFromHell boys on their pizza delivery bikes.

"I think normally in conditions like this the racing would have been called off but there were too many people hanging their entire year on this for it not to go ahead. I’ve heard people came from as far as Germany, France and Italy to race and show off their bikes. To be honest I don’t really remember who won or anything like that but holy shit was it ever fun."

Dirt Quake was the brain child of Sideburn magazine. It was held at Brandon Speedway Stadium, Coventry, UK.

The Royal Enfield was entered by "Chris," a graphic designer and dirt bike fan in daily life. Check out the Flickr gallery of photos by FlatTel.

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  1. our own project Royal Enfield was racing at Dirt Quake too.
    Ridden by none other than The Stig!


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