Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Royal Enfield for sale? Don't put it out with the trash

Don't pose your Royal Enfield with your trash can if you want to sell it.
A pretty red Royal Enfield C5 is for sale on CraigsList  in Tucson, Ariz. All three photos in the ad feature the motorcycle with the seller's garbage can. What does this tell us about the seller's attitude towards his motorcycle?

Maybe nothing. After all, the trash can is in the driveway and the seller may not even notice it sitting there anymore. But those of us looking at the pictures sure do! And it would have been so easy to remove the can before shooting the pictures.

This seller isn't the first to do this. I've written before about the tendency of sellers to pose their motorcycles  with their garbage cans. I wonder if it suggests that they very badly want you to haul them away, at almost any price?

In this case, the seller does everything else possible to put his motorcycle in a good light. He writes:

"This is a great bike that runs well and gets lots of attention.... Great bike for beginners as it isn't over-powered but also a lot of fun for experienced riders, plus gas mileage coming in at 80+mpg!"

I especially like the line about the Royal Enfield not being "over powered." He has made a selling point out of a short coming. Well done!

But the pictures let him down. The asking price is $5,200.

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