Monday, April 2, 2012

New Royal Enfield magazine has great stories, pictures

Slick new magazine about Royal Enfields you can read here.
Issue No. 1 of a new quarterly magazine for Royal Enfield enthusiasts is out and you can read it for free, online.

Author Paul Grace launched The Royal Enfield magazine "for your enjoyment" and because it "keeps me busy and out of mischief!"

His welcoming note describes the magazine as "full of passion and integrity for Royal Enfield owners." He invites you to contribute your stories and pictures.

Issue 1 features the Royal Enfield Bullet "as a successful off-road motorcycle, second to none." Writing is first class, the photos are rich and big and there is a healthy serving of great Royal Enfield advertisements from the past.

Grace is the author of  "No Way to Treat a Classic British Motorcycle"  about his competition in classic motocross on a Royal Enfield built to revive a discarded old bike. There's an excerpt from his book in the first edition of the magazine.

The first issue of The Royal Enfield is digital, with the appearance of a glossy magazine. The electronic format means the magazine can have links in articles, should you want more information.

Grace says the next issue will also be available on paper.

Here is a direct link to the magazine.


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  2. Matt Law4/05/2012

    An excellent read...I'm considering taking it to the printer,and having it printed in full color,for my archives...keep up the good work,Paul!


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