Monday, April 16, 2012

Finally, a use for surplus Royal Enfield mufflers

More chrome always dresses up a motorcycle.
Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles come equipped with long, "bazooka" style mufflers. These often are the first items to come off, to be replaced with shorter, louder, more stylish models.

The result, I've pointed out before, must be shiny, barely used Royal Enfield mufflers stuffed into attics and garages all over the world.

What to do with them?

Well, here is one solution, found on My India Pictures.

The photo comes with no information, so I don't know what effect the double-length muffler has on performance. I once read somewhere that a long, long pipe will increase torque, but I don't know if that would be true in this case since it probably retains its original restrictive baffling.

I bet it's quiet.

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  1. waHOW! You know, if I had a spare pipe - I'd mount it to the left side.


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