Friday, February 24, 2012

The best video I've seen of a Royal Enfield in motion

A lovely short video of a Royal Enfield rounding a curve so intrigued me that I wrote to the fellow who posted it on YouTube asking for details.

He replied, with another video of his bike!

Of the original video, he wrote:

"Yes it's my Bullet and I'm riding it too... So my name is Jan, 27 years old, from Dortmund, Germany and I work on my bikes in my free time. I like my bikes pure, low and loud ;)...

"The video is takes place at a spot called "Heggen," Germany. It's a nice little road in the woods with lot of curves on it — so it's used for illegal road races very often. Mostly of course raced by some super sport bikes (Honda CBR, Yamaha R6...) and supermoto bikes (KTM). But my Enfield has got such a nice handling that I beat most of the riders and they wonder a lot, cause it looks so old.

"The video is taken at the end of one of the last clear and cold fall days when everybody went home except me, for me it was a 300km run at 10 degrees over zero to this place.

"It is outside in the woods; normally nobody is there most of the time. The only thing you can hear are some bird sounds at this time of the day. So I decided to place my camera on a stand, start my bike with its loud pipe and 'Break the Silence' — so that's the little story of this video.

"Best regards from Germany."

Thank you, Jan, for sharing this lovely video:

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