Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Royal Enfield V-twin expressed power and beauty

1926 1,000cc Royal Enfield V-twin is a wonder.
The Royal Enfield V-twin in the photograph above is a mechanical wonder. It is a powerful answer to my question: "What photos represent Royal Enfields to you?"

Don Leaming of Phoenix, Ariz. and Niagra Falls, Ontario, submitted it.

"Thought you might be interested in this pic,"  he wrote. "It is by Kevin Dean who is often on the BritBike forum. It is from a  Banbury Run (for pre-1930 motorcycles)."

Just look at the details on this motorcycle:

  • A hand-shift lever that would move the earth instead moves a delicate rod.
  • A keystone shaped crankcase could brace the entire state of Pennsylvania.
  • Floorboard buttons big enough to give Bigfoot traction.
  • The kickstart lever rests against its own exterior stop.
  • Intake and exhaust pipes embrace the motor instead of winding off on their own.
  • The delicate filigree of the folded metal along the base of flat tank.

Looking through Kevin Dean's Banbury Run portfolio, it's apparent that one reason this is such a "clean" photograph is that the Royal Enfield is fitted with a green sidecar, which forms a fine backdrop for the side view of the magnificent motor.

No sir, they don't make 'em like this anymore. And, when they did, they called them "locomotives."

Readers, what photo or illustration says "Royal Enfields" to you? I'm accepting nominations. Email me at

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  1. PURE moto-sculpture...I'll bet that she SOUNDS as good as she looks!Matt Law~


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