Friday, December 16, 2011

Royal Enfield Bullet is future classic, magazine says

Royal Enfield Bullet is bound to be a future classic.
The made-in-Britain Royal Enfield Bullet of 1952 to 1962 is an "Under the Radar" best bet to be one of tomorrow's classic motorcycles.

This is according to the staff of Motorcycle Classics, which made its selection for the January/February 2012 edition of the magazine.

The AJS Model 18 (Matchless G80) and Ariel VH Red Hunter are worthy competitors, the magazine says, if for some reason you just can't find a Royal Enfield Bullet.

The on-line article is illustrated with a picture of a 1953 Royal Enfield, which lacks "the famous RE 'casquette' headlight enclosure with its distinctive side running lights" mentioned in the article. The casquette came along in 1954, as the very thoroughgoing history recounted in the article makes clear.

The article acknowledges that a virtually identical Royal Enfield Bullet was made in India. "The design, based on the 1954 350cc model with its old-style frame, continued essentially unchanged for almost 50 years.

"However, the U.K. bikes were always better built than their Indian counterparts (mostly because of better metallurgy), and British Bullets — if you can find one — are built to last."

So, I guess, my 1999 Royal Enfield Bullet is not in the running to become a modern classic.

I may as well go ride it, then!

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