Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Enfield Musket 1,000cc V-twin makes progress

Wooden casting pattern is a glimpse of the future.
A 1,000cc Royal Enfield V-twin that you can buy is the goal Aniket Vardhan. He is the Columbus, Ohio man who made the day dreams of thousands of Royal Enfield fans around the world come true when he successfully molded two 350cc Bullet motors into a V-twin and then built a motorcycle around them.

That 700cc motorcycle is the Enfield Musket, a lovely, running, vintage styled V-twin motorcycle. The next step is to 1,000cc (combining two 500cc Bullet motors), while adding the five-speed transmission and other modifications to make a marketable motorcycle. Aniket reports significant progress.

"Just a quick note to tell you that I've finished building the new casting patterns for the production design, actually worked through the entire holiday weekend! Pics and info are up on my blog. Do take a look and tell me what you think!"

Although his hands were shaky after the constant sanding of the wooden forms, Aniket accompanies his photographs with stirring commentary on problems encountered and overcome. The five-speed required changes, the V angle is now a more compact 59, the oil filter is relocated and cooling fins are sculpted into the timing cover because — well, because it just looks better that way.

The wooden patterns are works of art in and of themselves. Aniket and his Musket project continue to inspire.

Need a dose of inspiration? The video below is of the 700cc Musket.

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  1. Matt Law12/28/2011

    GREAT NEWS!When Aniket finally offers these for sale,I WILL build a 1000cc Musket...I already have an empty frame,and about 75% of the parts that I would need...except,of course,his big bottom end,and two 500cc top ends...I can't wait!!!


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