Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Royal Enfield video makes you want to go for a ride

A very short (only 29 seconds) but very evocative video of a Royal Enfield cornering as the sun rises has been posted on YouTube by "Pesling."

It's entitled "Royal Enfield Bullet 500 — Break The Silence."

Definitely worth a look.

Where was it shot, and who is Pesling? The only information I find so far is that he lists his age as 64 and his country as Germany. His subscriptions indicate that he likes cafe racers.


  1. Anonymous11/04/2011

    There are only two types of sound I like to listen..
    My Own Heart Beats and Thump Of My Heart..

  2. As the video started i was looking for the Bullet to appear in the video since i could only hear the thump. I guess from this particular location the Bullet sounds louder when the bullet is far away and as the bullet comes near by the sound goes low and again goes high as it goes away and then disappears. Intresting video!!! nice sunshine!


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