Monday, October 24, 2011

Royal Enfields link adventure to whisky in ad

Three Royal Enfield motorcycles add flavor of adventure to whisky ad.
Royal Enfield motorcycles aren't the subject of a clever video whisky ad by South African distiller Three Ships. But they might as well have been!

The advertisement associates a trip through exotic locales by three Scots on Royal Enfields. They do it, the ad says, to challenge their pioneering spirits — as in their willingness to try a Scotch whisky distilled far from Scotland.

The ad works beautifully and it works just as well for the three Royal Enfields as it does for Three Ships.

Give the video a look.


  1. Anonymous10/25/2011

    Nay! Nay! Only whiskey distilled in Scotland is legally entitled to be called Scotch whiskey. And, you will notice nowhere in the video is it called such. The dislay of the Scottish flag bearing the Cross of St.Andrew is an attempt to confuse.

    Al in Philadelphia

  2. Anonymous10/25/2011

    Al is totally correct, it's a bit like calling the bike from India a Royal Enfield when it is really an Enfield, :) :)

  3. Still an awesome video though - speaks volumes about the classic nature of the Enfields. Love it.


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