Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Doubling up: Imagine a Musket V-twin with Fireball power

Aniket Vardhan and his V-twin Musket, right, with Sumanth Janardhan, left,
and Tom Lyons and the first Ace Fireball. From
The Musket, a V-twin Royal Enfield Bullet created by Aniket Vardhan, is featured in a recent story in the Mumbai Mirror. I was about to applaud the article as an interesting update on his plans to create a 1,000cc version and market the Musket.

Then I noticed that Aniket himself had made a comment/correction to the article. Performance figures cited in the article didn't explain that, to attain them, the Musket would have to be even further modified, he wrote.

Aniket's first motorcycle successfully combined two single-cylinder 350cc Bullet motors into a V-twin of 700cc. He's now working on combining two 500cc Royal Enfield motors.

That sounds like double the power of a 500cc single. But it still wouldn't achieve the 130-145 mph performance the article imagines.

Aniket writes:

"Top speed estimated for the 1,000 is with the 'Fireball' performance package, which comprises a custom high-comp piston, ported heads, lighter valves, cams and bigger carb. This package, developed by my friends Sumanth Janardhan and Tom Lyons (here in the U.S.) has been dyno proven to get 37.5 bhp from the 535cc single. Doubling that will get 75-80 hp from the V-twin, at 1,070cc. This bike will be capable of... around 130-140 mph."

The article may contain other misunderstandings, but it surely is on safe ground when it suggests that any double-barreled Bullet motor would sound fantastic.

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  1. Matt Law8/04/2011

    I'd be THRILLED to have a 700 CC Musket...a Fireball 1070 would be BEAST!!!


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