Friday, June 24, 2011

Project Badger will build a Royal Enfield to ride and race

Build a Royal Enfield race bike, ride it to the track, race it, and ride it home. That's the simple challenge behind Project Badger.

One more thing: they plan to make a movie about how they did it.

Project Badger already has a cool little "trailer" introducing itself. The trailer (above) is very nicely made. If Project Badger can produce this quality of feature film, they'll have something worth watching.

The Project Badger team is a strong one, with some familiar names. According to publicity material:

"The film features: Leon Stanley, who runs a great vintage and specialty bike shop in Trenton, New Jersey, called Cycle Icons. 'Chumma' Janardhan of Ace Engineering, an engine building virtuoso. Art Director and jack of all trades Mark Rounds. And world renowned Motorcyclist Michael 'Tex' Mawby."

Peter E. Raymond, a Royal Enfield owner and an innovation consultant, is the film's producer.

Project Badger points out that North America's race meets are hundreds of miles apart. Riding the racing bike between them will be challenge enough.

Meanwhile, the competition will travel by trailer. Yet, when the headlight comes off and the number board goes on, Project Badger intends to be competitive.

The Royal Enfield Bullet is a classic design, eligible for vintage racing. But the Bullet is hardly bullet-proof. I'm reminded of one Royal Enfield racing team of the recent past that commented that it led its series in engine rebuilds.

Such courage should be celebrated. You can make a donation to the cause online. I did. You can give as little as $1. Project Badger says it must raise $22,500 by July 23 to make a go of it.

Team Badger plans to race at Mid-Ohio’s Vintage Motorcycle Days in July, then Mosport in Canada in August and the Barber Vintage Festival in Alabama in October.

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