Monday, May 2, 2011

Royal Enfield G5 Deluxe joins Jay Leno's collection

Royal Enfield G5 Deluxe.
Royal Enfield Los Angles delivered a Royal Enfield G5 Deluxe to Jay Leno Saturday. See the picture on their Facebook page.

The comic, famous for his collection of hot and historic cars and motorcycles (including a Brough Superior) claims on his Leno's Garage website that he rides what he buys:

"First and foremost, the garage is not a museum. Jay makes his purchases not as museum pieces, but because he enjoys driving the cars and motorcycles… all of them! From Stanley Steamers to Duesenbergs to McLarens, Jay and his collection are fixtures in the Southern California area and can often be spotted out for weekend rides – and the occasional breakdown on the side of the road. Stanley Steamers may be fun to drive, but 1906 technology isn't the most reliable in the world."

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