Thursday, April 21, 2011

You'd wear this Royal Enfield T-shirt; but did he?

For explanation, see Her Majesty's Thunder.
Does it matter whether famous men rode Royal Enfield motorcycles? Of course not. You ride your Royal Enfield Bullet specifically because you are your own man.

Still, I would not deny that the T-shirt design in the picture above does suddenly have a certain special appeal.

To find out why, see Chris Bartlett's blog, Her Majesty's Thunder.


  1. "You're Your Own Man. Ride a Royal Enfield."
    I like that!
    Thanks David!

  2. Hey David,

    really nice tshirts. also other tshirts r really cool and r unique, very artistic!! i too have ordered the black royal enfield tshirt....eagerly waiting for d delivery!!

    Hey David, any idea where can i get the glasses worn by the queen in ur website. those are really cool. i liked it....


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