Friday, April 1, 2011

No April Fool's joke on this Royal Enfield blog

As it has every year since it debuted in 2008, this blog about Royal Enfield motorcycles will, once again, not feature an April Fool's item.

The problem, as I explained to my wife Bonnie, is that I am not a funny guy.

"I can never think of a good April Fool's joke," I said. "I am the kind of person who falls for the jokes other blogs do."

"Yeah," she replied: "You even fell for last year's Google joke."

"Yes, I did. And that is so irresponsible of them. Google is an important institution. That's like having the State Department do an April Fool's joke," I said.

"Or the Department of Defense; Happy April Fool's from the DoD!" Bonnie suggested. That didn't sound like it might be very funny.

"You could make some phony announcement about Royal Enfield," she suggested.

"I just don't want to be irresponsible," I replied.

"Don't worry, honey," she said. "You're not quite in Google's league."

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