Friday, February 18, 2011

You design these Rocker-style leather jackets

Royal Enfield patch available from Michael Woulfe.
Brit-style motorcycle patches adorn Michael Woulfe's custom leather jackets and clip bags (purses). He buys the purses and jackets and carefully (very carefully) sews on the classic decorations and adds studs, to your design.

He'll work on your jacket and will even put a patch on your Converse tennis shoes (a surprisingly great look).

The dedicated "Rocker" enthusiast has expanded his catalog since the last time I wrote about him. I got to see his latest custom jackets on display at the Dania Beach Vintage Motorcycle Show last month.

Checkerboard racing ribbon also looks great on sleeves.
The big news is that he has an astounding new variety of patches available (including one for Royal Enfield motorcycles). Woulfe also found a supplier for the checkerboard racing stripe he has incorporated into some jackets. It really pulls the design together.

Woulfe's Rocker Jackets website explains how he opens the lining of jackets before sewing the patches and attaching the studs, so none of the work is visible inside the jacket. The patches are glued, as well as sewn. They don't look like they'll be coming off anytime soon.

New, too, are his custom decorated leather "Café Girl" purses. You can supply your own patch for the purse or choose from the 200 he has in stock.

Custom studs and café racer patch decorate clip bag.
Woulfe wants to work with customers on designing the jackets. He showed me how intricate some of this can be, particularly when it comes to positioning studs. Woulfe does his stitching on two vintage Singer sewing machines; he displays as much affection for them as for his motorcycles.

He says he became interested in the Rockers in 2002; he enjoyed explaining what some of the patches mean to people who visited his booth at the Dania Beach show. There's quite a lot of history involved.

Michael Woulfe in one of his own jackets.
But, in the end, it's all about the look of what Woulfe calls "the Original American rocker jacket."

"Let's get creative," Woulfe's website urges. "Send me a sketch by email with your ideas and we'll get started."

Woulfe is based in South Florida, where he is a radio newsman. But he has worked on jackets with international customers. You can email him at

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