Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Royal Enfield in World War II, a proud record

Book details Royal Enfield's contribution to war effort.
Full credit to Jorge Pullin and his blog My Royal Enfields for finding online the lovely book A Proud War Record, the story of Royal Enfield's contribution to the war effort between 1939 and 1945. It's also now available in book form, from Gordon May.

Reading it online, it's interesting to see Royal Enfield's sincere regret that civilian customers were largely shut off from its products during the war years. Its budding lawn mower production facilities were packed up and stored for the duration. Even after hostilities ended, production of military products continued, further delaying availability of consumer goods.

Royal Enfield clearly felt that customers might forget the high quality bicycles and motorcycles it could offer.

Lack of customers obviously deeply threatened a company whose production facilities had vastly expanded from one factory to five. Royal Enfield was geared up, with modern production equipment.

Happy workers are pictured enjoying sports and even artificial tanning lights in their "romantic" underground factory.

They had helped win a war. Now they would have to survive a peacetime economy.

Royal Enfield's determination would help make the next two decades the glory years of the British motorcycle industry.

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  1. Thanks for bringing that to the attention of Enfield enthusiasts David. I'll check the book out but it also gave me a pointer to Jorge's excellent blog!


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