Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Royal Enfield chopper puts the disk brake in back

Royal Enfield chopper.
Royal Enfield chopper has oversize rear disk brake.
Fantastic, a Royal Enfield hard-tail chopper, spotted on the blog Corpses From Hell Motorcycle Gang.

The motorcycle is from Yokohama, Japan, according to them.

Dig the oversize rear disk brake, while the front wheel gets by with what appears to be the stock drum brake. Looney, but lovely, I say.

What I especially like about this Royal Enfield chopper is that it retains the trademark Royal Enfield nacelle, pilot lights and all. No mistaking this beast for something else.

But I can't ignore my least favorite facet of motorcycle photography: A plastic garbage can! At the center of the photo? The can is on wheels, fellows; get it out of there before you snap the picture!

Otherwise, fantastic. The web address on the poster behind the motorcycle is StoopMotorcycles.

It's a Japanese language site, but we see a gallery of pictures shot while creating this Royal Enfield custom. The pictures are well worth a look.

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