Friday, December 10, 2010

Original PAV trailers inspired Inder trailers
sold today for Royal Enfield motorcycles

Ad for PAV 40 motorcycle trailer.
PAV 40 advertisement translates from Czech as "semi-trailer truck for motorcycles and scooters."
The Inder trailers made in India and available in the U.S. for Royal Enfield motorcycles were inspired by the PAV 40 and 41 trailers, built for Jawa and other motorcycles in Czechoslovakia, starting in the 1950s.

Inder motorcycle trailer.
Modern Inder trailer available from Royal Enfield USA.
While the resemblance is clear, right down to the cute little "antenna" side marker lights, the originals have unique appeal.

When I spotted one for sale in Portland recently I wrote to the seller, asking what makes them so special.

To my surprise, he replied with few words, but a vast collection of pictures.

PAV motorcycle trailers.
A gathering of six PAV motorcycle trailers.
One picture showed a yard full of PAVs that he told me all went to one Swiss buyer.

First PAV motorcycle trailer design.
Original PAV trailer design.
Another picture showed the first PAV model, from the early 1950s.

"Pardon the brief reply," the seller wrote. "I used to import these PAV 40 and PAV 41 trailers. I was a buyer in Europe, and have brought in around 40-plus of these over the years. They are now harder to find, but that is what happens when something gains popularity."

I've organized many of the other PAV trailer photographs he sent me into the slideshow, below.

He offered the PAV he was selling for $1,500 and the price was firm (the ad is no longer running).

"Now, in Europe, they are to be found selling for close to $1,000 U.S. (or the comparable amount in Euro)," he wrote, "and they are being reproduced in Australia, as well as the ones that you know about from India. The proportions of the Indian ones are very different."

Indeed, to my eye the PAV trailers seem more rounded and sleek than the Inder version. Royal Enfield USA sells the Inder trailers for about $1,000, including the hardware needed to attach them to the Royal Enfield motorcycle

My correspondent said he was happy to provide the pictures, since "enthusiasts of these things are all over the place, and a new fan is born every click of the mouse, it seems."

As for the Inder copy, he appreciates the necessity: "seeing as the PAV are so rare now, how else are we going to enjoy the convenience of them?"

Although the man I wrote to didn't want his name used, he did send me a picture of his amazing tandem powered bicycle.

Moto Narcisse Laguin Sport Tandem motorized bicycle.
Bicycle built for two has a two-stroke motor.
"It is a 1952 Moto Narcisse Laguin Sport Tandem with 125cc two-stroke engine and three-speed gearbox — all the while, a three speed bicycle. I found it in a barn in Normandy, France. If this machine is mentioned in the blog, that is as good as my name. Just mention me as a collector, and your readers will know who I am. This machine is the only one in the U.S., and one of four known to exist worldwide. The PAV is attached to it now."

Moto Narcisse Laguin Sport Tandem with PAV trailer.
Tandem bicycle with trailer.
Now THAT is remarkable.

You can read more about the history of PAV trailers at this link.

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  1. were do I buy a pav trailer in nz or who is the Australia dealers regards shane


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