Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Potter's Royal Enfield motorcycle is real,
Wall Street Journal tells its readers

The young wizard, Harry Potter, has magically extended the buzz about Royal Enfield motorcycles to The Wall Street Journal.

Two Wall Street Journal blogs let readers know that "Hagrid's Motorcycle Is Real."

The Driver's Seat blog took note that the flying motorcycle Harry and Hagrid ride in the new film is not movie magic:

"Unlike James Bond’s tricked-out Aston Martin, the Batmobile, the Millennium Falcon or many other 'hero' vehicles from the movies, the Enfield is available at dealerships. It comes with or without a sidecar, but definitely without the ability to fly. Indeed Enfields are pretty slow by modern motorcycle standards, so even figurative flying isn’t likely."

A blog featuring news, views, and advice about cars, auto safety, driving, and transportation, Driver’s Seat is written by Jonathan Welsh with contributions from auto critic Dan Neil, Wall Street Journal staffers and others.

Royal Enfield and Harry Potter also got a mention on the WSJ blog Speakeasy.

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  1. hei hei...
    i think i repeat myself...
    but i just cant help not asking it again:

    potter's enfield, doesnt it seem like having a double front disc????


    has anybody seen the movie to confirm this or not??


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