Monday, November 8, 2010

2011 Royal Enfields in California show off
emission controls; can you spot them?

We're getting the first look at the 2011 Royal Enfield motorcycles for sale in California and their mandated evaporative emissions systems. These turn out to be black boxes attached to the front downtube of the frame, with hoses running to the gas tank.

I spotted these great pictures in ads for the new motorcycles placed by Doug Douglas Motorcycles in San Bernardino, Calif. Give them a call at 909-884-4776 or see their web site at for information about the C5 and G5 Royal Enfields they have for sale.

Well, what do you think?

If that had been an aftermarket oil coolor slung in that position, most people would think it was pretty cool. But because the evaporative canister is required by the government, it probably carries a stigma. Motorcyclists tend to resent being told what to put on their bikes, especially where it can be seen.

My guess is that some will find a way to remove it. Others, more enlightened, will find a way to hide it somewhere else on the motorcycle.

I suggest someone make a sell a nice chrome cover for it. Maybe with "cooling louvers" cut into it. Make it a point of pride. After all, these canister systems usually are "performance items" in the sense that they save gas.

Update: The Sun newspaper of San Bernardino has an interesting profile of Doug Douglas Motorcycles and owner Art Guilfoil at this link.


  1. Anonymous11/09/2010

    Hydrocarbon emission from vented fuel tanks had been a major contributor to pollution. Any attempt to defeat the recovery system on a motorcycle or automobile would be the work of a complete JERK. I'm quite sure that C.A.R.B. realizes that the jerks are out there in their multitude and will have an inspection program to insure that the complete emission control system is not buggered.

    Al in Philadelphia

  2. Al, I have always suspected that my Enfield uses more gas parked in the garage on a hot summer day than it uses on the road! I was fitting a new front turn signal yesterday (the fourth I've replaced; mine break at the stalks for some reason) and, crouching next to the tank the smell of gas was quite obvious. It's pollution and it's money out the window.


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